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Basic annual membership icon Uplift GUILD Colorado


Any donations of over $1000 qualify you to a complementary Guild membership for the following year!

The Colorado UpLift Guild is a dynamic group of women who band together to make an impactful difference in the lives of Colorado UpLift staff and students.

We are proud to pour into Colorado UpLift in order to build them up as they pour so much of themselves into the students in the Denver area.  UpLift helps to shape and mold the students into the leaders of tomorrow.

Mentoring makes all the difference!                      UpLift’s teacher mentors facilitate year-round programming, cross-age mentoring, and utilize a long-term relational approach.  The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with youth feeling more confident and prepared for college and/or the workplace!  Thanks for your support!

Join us for a site visit at one of our classrooms for a first hand experience of what Colorado UpLift does so well!  CONTACT US TODAY!

2022 GUILD Fashion Show

Why I'm Part of the Guild

Nancy F

When I attended my first Guild Membership Luncheon and Fashion Show and heard from the students the difference the UpLift Teachers/Mentors had made in their lives, I knew I wanted to support and pamper those amazing teachers. I wanted to show them how greatly appreciated they were!

Kari D

Children need support, guidance and love now more than ever. Too many go through this pivotal time without someone in their lives to guide them. Uplift gives kids access to this vital support and it can be life changing and life saving! By supporting Uplift and the mentors I feel like we get to be a small part of that.

Inez R.

When I think about the Colorado UpLift Guild, I see more than just a group of individuals. To me, they represent a community of compassionate people who roll up their sleeves and go above and beyond to create real change for marginalized young people and their mentors. Their impact is far-reaching, touching the lives of those who need it most and bringing hope to those who may have once felt overlooked or forgotten.