Make a Difference with the GUILD

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”
—Oscar Wilde

From taking part in career days, to donating towards new vans, to participating in a hygiene drive, to organizing our annual Luncheon, the Guild is FULL of meaningful opportunities to engage with other Guild members and Colorado UpLift!

Volunteer Opportunities

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
—Elizabeth Andrew


EMAIL to sign up: upliftguildvp@gmail.com

Why I'm Part of the Guild

Talia S

Colorado Uplift mentors touch my heart. In my opinion everyone deserves a mentor or someone to look up to in their formative years. The presence of such an inspirational person provides enlightenment and motivation for a young person trying to navigate in this world. Their mentors are working constantly with these young minds providing them tools and opportunities to have a bright future.

Rachael B

My husband and I work hard to love and support our son in all his endeavors and encourage him to explore new opportunities and adventures. I want to support the UpLift mentors as they provide students with this same type of love and support. These students might not otherwise experience any other type of role model in their home life. The UpLift mentors are life changers and will help shape the future of each life they touch!



UpLift has given me an opportunity to stay grounded in our community and build long-term relationships. I have been blessed to mentor two young ladies for 10 years, following them through high school graduation, college graduation, marriage, buying a house, having successful careers, and being happy. I have seen first hand how UpLift changes lives . . . mine and theirs!